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Rice Power TM Extract Replenish & Renew Day Cream

Kose Cell Radiance

Replenish & Renew Day Cream SPF15

Perfect to use before makeup application, this day cream helps protect skin from harsh UV rays throughout the day. Its light, water-based moisturizing formula has been clinically shown to lift, firm, and smooth skin instantly.Within 4...

€54.00 €60.00 -10%

Rice Power Extract Refine & Refresh Concentrated Serum

Kose Cell Radiance

Refine & Refresh Concentrated Serum

The deeply penetrating serum is a hybrid of two of Japan’s most renowned treatments - a watery lotion and a silky emulsion. It is quickly absorbed to create an irresistibly fresh, healthy, and luminous glow. It utilizes advanced extracts...

€59.40 €66.00 -10%

Rice Power Extract Revive & Revitalize Moisturizing Eye Cream

Kosé Cell Radiance

Revive & Revitalize Moisturizing Eye Cream

This highly effective cream dramatically reduces all of the visible signs of aging around the sensitive eye area. The silky formula, which absorbs quickly, immediately supplies the skin with moisture. Active ingredients, based on...

€49.50 €55.00 -10%

Firming Body Cream with Soja Repair Cocktail TM

Firming Body Cream

Firming Anti-Aging Body Cream that Revitalizes the Skin.

Soka Repair Cocktail acts as a powerful active ingredient on multiple levels to offer a regenerating action that corrects the visible signs of aging.

GR/ML 190

€58.50 €65.00 -10%