KOSÉ - Japan's most innovative beauty brand since 1946.

Our passion: Seeking the essence of beauty.

That is the philosophy of company founder Kozaburo Kobayashi – and KOSÉ motto since 1946.

The company has dedicated itself to combining excellent quality, cutting-edge research, and strategic development for more than 60 years. The company's top dermatologists and molecular engineers have worked closely together to set new standards in cosmetics time and again. KOSÉ popularity is not limited to Japan.

The fameds brand is sold in 12 countries, and collaborates with leading international fashion and cosmetics firms. Premium ingredients, combined in a sophisticated way, for effectively formulated products – those are the hallmarks of KOSÉ, on which its customers around the world rely.

Discover the secret of Japan's most innovative beauty brand, established in 1946.

KOSÉ Cell Radiance Colections

Rice Power Extract
Soja Repair Cocktail
Rice Balm / Bran Extract
AgeCeutical Actives